Rhodes Old Town Travel Guide: Where Every Corner Tells a Story

Nestled on the eastern coast of the Greek island of Rhodes, lies a fortified medieval city that has stood the test of time. Rhodes Old Town, also known as “the old town of Knights,” is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Europe. This historical gem is characterized by narrow cobbled streets, grandiose architecture, lively squares, and rich cultural heritage that speaks to travelers from all corners of the world.

Taking a stroll through this ancient city feels like stepping back in time. The walls that protected it from invaders still stand strong today, as do many buildings and monuments that have survived centuries or even millennia. From its humble beginnings as a small acropolis in antiquity to becoming a bustling hub for trade during the Byzantine Empire and ultimately serving as an administrative center for crusading knights during the Middle Ages; every corner of Rhodes Old Town has a story to tell.

As you explore this charming labyrinth of alleys and lanes, you’ll come across architectural marvels such as the Palace of Grand Master’s – where once resided Grand Masters overseeing operations on behalf of their Western European lords – impressively preserved mosaic floors depicting ancient www.rhodesoldtown.gr goddesses at Roman Agora Square, or remnants from Ottoman rule at Suleiman Mosque.

Notable landmarks aside; plethora square-shaped neighborhoods called “quartiers” are worth going off-the-beaten-path exploring. Each has its unique character tied closely to its history with well-preserved churches catering mostly to locals but welcomes visitors with open arms nonetheless. In addition to admiring stunning mosaics adorning church walls dating back several centuries ago – that you wish could talk – strikingly-ornate bell towers screening donjohn-turned-town-hall’s clock tower altogether create an arresting scene against quintessential blue Aegean sky backdrop bringing things even more into perspective!

Of course; no visit is complete without trying popular local dishes not only the daily tavernas serve, ‘mama’ homemade ‘meze’ (appetizers) and ‘bougatsa’ (pastry) can be savored from cheery merchants in Ottoman-era bazaars reminiscent of a time when Greeks first felt it. The picturesque city port also hosts quaint souvenir shops selling handmade pottery, trendy bars that come alive at night with nautical scenery backdrop serving signature cocktails bearing prominent citron essence along with ‘rhodes’, one of Aegean finest varieties.

Admittedly; wandering around Rhodes Old Town requires energy and stamina as there are a lot to see and do in this little Venetian-meets-Turkish paradise. However, moving slowly is the key to keep Rossy (/hossein), an enthusiastic photographer wearing traditional Rhodian vest dishing out stories of a lifetime freely – even after teaching yoga classes on the island for donkey’s years funny enough! All you have to do is strike conversation while he’s holding old photographs; until next thing you know walking past Franciscan monastery dedicated to Virgin Mary on behalf of Saint Dionysus at central seaside town section Kollakioi/testudo quarters –Do not get lost now – prefer audio guided tours from Hellenistic statue admire- or: imply head back where you started feeling content yet wanting more!